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Over 35 years Experience

(Private Photographer)

Photographer Mark Fisher 

Is located in New York, NY

This filmmaker and photographer

has world wide fame

for the beauty, fashion, music, and dance.

working with camera since the 1960's.


His work is youthful and inventive.

His lighting is considered to be the best.

Working with film companies, He created

some of the most Incredible Images that

have been captured,

From his film emulsion improvements.

Both Fuji And Kodak with Mark Fisher to create latitudes in refined color.

In 1967 started to work with digital field images

on the computer, 1990's saw to improve ways

in capturing and rendering of digital images.

Working with Photoshop in 1992, moved colors to a

full range,which created the CMYK appearance

of his images published in magazines through out the 1990's up to present are a mix of film

and digital field captures with maximum color for presentation in The publication or presentation

on the web.

Photographer Mark Fisher works everyday creating

images, generates for both the web and print with

enjoyment bring long days.


Has Worked With Top Talent In The World

Models,Musicians,Actors And Historic Figures.

His 35 Plus Films Deal In Performance,

Art, Fashion, Beauty, And Social Issues.

MARK FISHER Photographer



Mark Fisher Photographer In New York City
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